"I had the pleasure of working with Xiao'an as a student during his last two years at Berklee. In my position as a Berklee professor over the last forty eight years Li Xiao'an places in the very top fifth percentile of major talents it has been my pleasure to coach. He is most personable, honest and has a wonderful mature broad command of many musical genres."


Phil Wilson (Woody Herman, Buddy Rich)

"With his impeccable character, positive attitude and intellectual gifts in music, Xiao'an will no doubt go on to great things in life and he will be an asset to any organization that he joins in the future."


Jeremy Lum (Beijing Film Animation Academy)

"Xiao'an truly understands how music works for games as an entertainment medium. His expertise shows as he asks the right questions in advance to ensure that he hits the mark..."


Jonathon Myers (Reactive Studios)

"Xiao'an is extremely dedicated to his craft and is an absolute professional to work with. We've worked on records (Jonathan Wong, Nate Tao, Sarah Cheng De Winne) and he is a fantastic musician, open  to various ideas and gets it done with focus, precision and no fuss."


Roland Lim (Sync Studios)

"Xiao'an is a highly talented music director and conductor. I had the pleasure of conducting along side him for the Quincy Jones Tribute Concert. He is in the top echelon of arrangers... If you are working with Xiao'an you can rest assured that you are working with the best of the best..."


Tom Stein (Columnist, CMO - musiciansapp.com)

"Since we started working together in 2008, Xiao'an has demonstrated consummate professionalism and inventiveness in the studio. His fantastic attitude, honesty and musical aptitude have made him a valuable asset in my work."


Tat Tong (Universal Music Publishing Group)

"Xiao'an is an impeccable musician with a great ear. Besides being an all-around friendly guy, he knows exactly what to do when it comes to the music. He was so easy to collaborate with and I’d love to work with him again."


Nate Tao (American Idol '12)

"Xiao’an is an amazing composer, arranger, conductor and musician. I highly recommend him. He is a tremendous musical talent as well as a dedicated and caring individual."


Rob Rose (VP Special Affairs, Berklee)

"I found that Xiao'an had a great attention to detail when it came to his guitar sounds... Then I discovered his composition and arranging skills, which were exceptional as well. Xiao'an is simply a real thorough pro!"


Marty Walsh (Supertramp)

"Xiao'an is a versatile yet specialized musician, a very rare combination! I don't think I've seen a genre of music he can't handle with grace."


Jonathan Wong Chee-Hynn (OMF Music)