An anomaly in a huge extended family mostly barren of musicians, Xiao'an's first foray into music happened at 13, when he joined a church choir in Singapore and began learning why things sounded good (or bad). This sparked an obsession that carried through the rest of his school years.


Picking up the guitar at 16, his professional career as a performing musician started just 3 years later, leading a crazy band The Sexies, playing shows around the country, touring with the Singapore Armed Forces internationally, and recording guitar for chart-topping, platinum pop music artists and producers in Asia and the USA.


Xiao'an went on to study Jazz Composition on scholarship at Berklee College of Music, where he received the Thad Jones and Herb Pomeroy Awards for composition. He was also fortunate to have his music premiered by The Rainbow Band and the Kalistos Chamber Orchestra. 


After graduating, he immediately went on to work as a composer for a range of video games (one of which was awarded Best Audio at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. He worked as a music director and lead arranger on orchestral and classical crossover projects, and founded East Coast Scoring and the Boston Scoring Orchestra, which collectively provide orchestral contracting, music production, and other support services.


Xiao'an strongly believes in community education and sharing of information, and has been an invited speaker on the topic of video game music at MITThe Indie Game Collective, and advised students from Becker College and Worcester Polytechnic through the MassDIGI program.