How do people see you?

Isn't it time you touched a million hearts?

The ability to Influence people is paramount to the success of your professional and social life. Without this, people often find that they struggle with:

  • Convincing Others

  • Cultivating Relationships

  • Commanding Respect


First Impressions

In Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell asserts, based on multiple scientific case studies, that human beings make decisions instantaneously.


This means that within the first few seconds of meeting someone, they will have already made a decision about whether they like you, find you competent, or whether they will be open to listening to your sales pitch.

Consider the implications: You have an incredible power at your disposal when you first meet someone. You can control the foundation upon which the rest of your interactions will be built.


Nowadays, we are so connected via social media that we also need to consider what kinds of virtual first impressions we are leaving on potential connections, clients, and even dates!

What goes into creating a great first impression?

Soft Skills

The Oxford Dictionary defines these as being "personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people." Sounds important!

In How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie frequently advises that we should be focused on others, rather than ourselves, in order to befriend them and make them happy to help us with our own goals.

What does this mean? In order for us to get people to do what we want, we must first learn as much as we can about them, find out what their wants and needs are, and approach communication with the purpose of recognizing and fulfilling those needs.

When people are confident that their happiness and success are important to you, they will trust you. And trust is the foundation of any fruitful relationship.

What goes into creating harmonious interactions?


I am, at heart, a musician.

I traveled halfway around the world to dive headfirst into the freelance music industry, and learned very quickly that it is built almost exclusively on trust, social proof, and relationships. With zero connections or family in the USA, I had to build a career for myself from scratch.

Today, I run a company staffing and managing orchestras in Boston, with over 200 contractors. I have written music featured on MTV, Fox, Hasbro, and over 40 American Greetings products. I run a business group of 3000 music industry professionals, and have been invited to be on panels and/or speak at Berklee, the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, and at various conferences.

None of the successes I have had so far would have been possible without people. People who paid me for my work, people who gave me business referrals, and people who talked about me and helped to build my reputation and credibility.

I learned to harness the power of influence, and this is something you can do, too. You already have the ability to make a change to your life. Let's start today.


I moved to New York City with the goal of being a full-time freelance musician. Even though I was working as hard as I knew how, I struggled quite a bit being new to the city. 


After a few talks with Xiao’an, I started to really understand how to work smart, not just hard. His business tips gave me the confidence and knowledge to not only to be confident in negotiations, but to price myself properly. I went from charging a client $700 for quite a bit of work to $2100 for the same amount of work. And of course, there were no fights or bad feelings, just mutual respect.


I would recommend Xiao’an to anyone who is ready to dive into their businesses and start getting the results they want. He’s easy to talk to and work with, and he knows what he’s doing. What else is there to say?

Josh Plotner, NY

Professional Live Performer & Studio Musician

Xiao'an has been of immeasurable help to me in terms of figuring out where I stand as a musician and what makes me unique. I've had conversations with various music professionals over the years and have received sometimes conflicting advice, but Xiao'an has consistently been the most clear and helpful. He arms you with the tools necessary to succeed, but more importantly, tailors them in a way that makes them relevant to you. Every music career is different, and Xiao'an has given me concrete steps to help push forward with mine.

I'm endlessly grateful for the genuine help and mentorship Xiao'an has offered me.

Katelyn Isaacson, LA

Film Composer & Opera Singer

Xiao'an is very professional and easy to work with.  He is a good listener and pays great attention to details.

He helped me look at my business problems in a different light and came up with creative solutions/suggestions that are practical and easy to implement. Highly recommended!

Rita Ng, MA

Owner of Boston Bonbon

I've been lucky enough to have had Xiao'an as a consultant and mentor on many occasions, and working with him has been wonderful! He is extremely patient, offers excellent advice, and shares his vast knowledge in very practical, applicable ways.


Through his expert guidance, I've learned and honed invaluable skills, including booking large ensembles, contract negotiations and more. Thanks Xiao'an for all you do!

Mary Bichner, MA

Composer & Performing Artiste

Xiao’an acts as a beacon of support for me in many aspects of my professional life. He is one of few whose advice I choose to trust implicitly, due to his rigorous sense of ethics, world-philosophy, artistic talent, and entrepreneurship.


I consult him regularly on everything from language in emails/messages to leadership strategies and musical interpretations with orchestras that I conduct.

Xiao’an is not only a respected colleague, fellow entrepreneur and coach to me, but in our work together, he has become one of my closest friends.

Kristo Kondakci, MA

Music Director, Eureka Ensemble

Principal Guest Conductor, National Orchestra of Albania

Xiao’an is a charismatic motivator with a ton of enthusiasm, panache, and a straight-forward “cut-through-the-bullshit” attitude that anyone serious about accomplishing anything can appreciate.


He knows what he’s talking about. He’s also 100% authentic and identifiably stands by his principles in all of the work that he does. I can’t recommend him enough.

John Hamilton Smith V, WA

Video Game Composer

When I wanted to lead my own ensembles, Xiao’an taught me how to gain people’s trust, understand their needs , and become a person people want to work with. The most important lesson I learned from Xiao’an was how important it is to be in service of the people I lead.


Now I am the president of an orchestra consisting of performers from Berklee and Boston Conservatory, for which he has given direction and advice to run smoothly. I am also constantly cultivating my relationships with performers and game developers. His mentorship has been invaluable, and is something I will never truly be able to repay.

Oliver Getz Rodahl, Norway

Composer & Sound Designer

About two years ago, I met Xiao’an through a mutual friend, and ever since, he became my friend and mentor. He even coached me in my first live recording session with an orchestra.

Xiao’an is one of the most caring and honest people I know. If you are sincere in your search for guidance and mentorship, he will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses; as well as realistically shape your goals and expectations.

I’ve learned a great deal just by watching him interact with his surroundings. e.g. His integrity and honesty, his mission statement, his branding and marketing ideas, his leadership skills, the idea of building a community and adding value, the list goes on. I’m already super pumped to have our next meeting to discuss freelance and business matters.

Yao Wang, Canada

Composer & Orchestrator

Xiao’an has helped me gain a better understanding of how people think and given me valuable advice, that I constantly use, when it comes to approaching negotiations with both individuals and businesses. 

Xiao’an is also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to personal branding and is quick to share his tips! He’s full of information and very easy to talk to. If you’re looking to develop a brand that’s both memorable and professional - I’d definitely give him a call!

Lizzy Hannan, Canada

Audio Branding Consultant

Xiao’an made it easy for me to ask for help and in almost no time has become an amazing mentor. He’s not shy when expressing his enthusiasm and support, something that couples nicely with his valuable criticisms and pointed questions.

He can detect the right issues from even a few minutes of conversation, he is unafraid to share his own experiences, and confronts it all with respect and keen ears. Even without his direct guidance, I’ve developed more confidence in defining my own brand by watching him embrace his delightful personality and work it into his business model so perfectly. I highly recommend having someone like Xiao’an on your side!

Kyle Guffey, CT

Songwriter & Composer