Xiao'an Li


Hullo! I'm Xiao'an, composer for media.


I create music for people and organizations who want to tell compellingly unique stories. I specialize in the cute, the odd, and the quirky, with a penchant for strongly branded experiences and memorable, effective melodies.


Fun is serious business, and product-driven music as a marketing tool is an exacting science, driven largely by the understanding of human instinct. I can help.

Xiao'an Li

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"Xiao'an goes the extra mile and makes it his personal mission to make my music sound as good as possible. His fantastic attitude, honesty and musical aptitude have made him a valuable asset in my work."

Hong Tat Tong, Music Producer (UMPG), over 20 #1 Hits Worldwide

Xiao'an is a good man in the trenches! Also he's a fine composer and sound designer, and he turns things around faster than anyone I've ever seen.

Dave Grossman, Game Designer (Lucasarts, Telltale Games, Earplay)

"Xiao'an truly understands how music works for games as an entertainment medium. His expertise shows as he asks the right questions in advance to ensure that he hits the mark. He requires little supervision and he always comes through with spectacular results."

Jonathon Myers, CEO, Earplay

"Xiao’an quickly and professionally composed short music pieces that integrated seamlessly into the game and were subsequently heard by millions of players. We believe strongly that Xiao’an would be an invaluable asset as a world class composer to any other games company looking for music for their products."

Steven Gilmore, Head of HR, Wooga

"... A one-stop shop for everything from silly jingles to full-on orchestral scores; his first project was above and beyond, and he’s been on the top of our list ever since. An absolute pro who just “gets it". We can't recommend Li Xiao’an enough!! 5 stars!"

Mike Murray, Senior Audio Producer, American Greetings Corporation​

toilet reading

2004. Singapore. A high school band that sounded like a bag of dying cats sparked a lifelong obsession with cacophony, which became evident when a certain father discovered a certain son practising guitar on the toilet in the middle of a substantial deposit.


A few short years later, I began playing guitar for chart-topping artists and producers, and served my country as a touring army musician. While studying Jazz Composition at Berklee College of Music, I won multiple endowed scholarship awards, annoyed professors, and bought a malodorous ferret in an ill-advised moment of whimsy.


My work includes original music for Futurama: Game of Drones (over 4.5 million downloads), licensed music for major TV network shows (Girl Code, Catfish), and regular contract composing work for American Greetings. My company, East Coast Scoring, has staffed orchestras for operas and produced recording sessions in Boston.


My technical facility allows me to write for nearly every genre and instrumentation, but inventive orchestrations and strong melodies emotionally matched with media content tickle my toes most deliciously

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