Game Developers


Witching Hour Studios (Singapore)

Reactive Studios (Boston, MA)

Bronzeleague LLC (San Francisco, CA)

Happy Giant (Newton, MA)

Department of Silly Stuff (Kailua Kona, HI)


Dylan Loney (Vancouver, Canada)

Squeeplay (Brookline, MA)

Cacafogo Games (Singapore)

Inkle Studios (Cambridge, UK)

Video Games


Ravenmark: Mercenaries

Codename Cygnus

Ninja Time Pirates

Squirt's Adventure

Sonic the Hedgehog: After The Sequel

Words for Evil

Heroic Lands


80 Days

Band of Adventurers



Toastmasters International (Chicago, IL)

Hong Tat Tong - UMPG (International)

Roland Lim - SyncStudios (Singapore)

Nate Tao - American Idol '12 (USA)

Derrick Hoh - Warner (Singapore)

Tay Kewei - S2S (Singapore)

Jonathan Wong - OMF Music (Taiwan)

The Bell Affair (Boston, MA)

Justin Idea Productions (Boston, MA)

Pantene (China)

Classical Oasis (Boston, MA)