Concert Music

Xiao'an also accepts commissions for concert music in a variety of genres and instrumentations.


The piece in the video is entitled "Meanderings of a Miniscule Mind", and was written for Phil Wilson's Rainbow Band. The title was chosen as a tongue-in-cheek criticism of the poor and endless improvisations that sometimes surface in the performance of Jazz music.

The Errant Bugle was written in tribute to the compositional greatness of Duke Ellington and Billie Strayhorn. Mirroring the structure of Isfahan, a plaintive saxophone melody navigates the lightly warped harmony. This recording features the Greg Hopkins Jazz Orchestra.

A Hidden World was written for the Kalistos Chamber String Orchestra. It was an exploration of string textures and divisi writing. This recording was the 2nd read-through of the work, and was unfortunately performed too slowly. Fortunately, the great musicians did a decent job and there are some nice moments.